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Water Cooled Tool Sharpening System Tormek T4 with an 8-Inch Stone

Product Name:Water Cooled Tool Sharpening System Tormek T4 with an 8-Inch Stone
Price range:From $399
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  • Complete Water-Cooled Sharpening system for Wood Chisels, Plane Irons, Spoke Shaves, Carving Tools, Lathe Turning Tools, Knives, Axes and most edge tools
  • Accessories Jigs available to assist you in achieving a better than factory blade edge quickly
  • Includes complete instruction manual and easy to follow instructional videos for achieving professional tool sharpening results
  • Dual Grit 1-5/8″ wide Sharpening Stone turns at just 120 RPM to ensure your blade does not overheat and the steel lose its temper
  • Die Cast Zinc top, Impact resistant ABS plastic, Industrial Quality Motor, Stainless Steel Hardware for long life, backed by 7 year warranty, made in Sweden

The TORMEK T-4 8-inch Wet grinder system is an enhancement of the T-3 model taking precision and stability to a new level. With unbeatable precision, the Universal Support is the foundation of the Tormek jig system for precise sharpening of almost any bladed tool. Holding bladed implements in a precise, wobble-free position, the water cooled grinding wheel sharpens blades without shortening them.

Easy Setup

Quickly and easily install the grinding wheel with its finger-turned screw and connect the water tray, filling it with water. Allow the stone to soak up the water, refilling as needed. Connect the Universal Support in the vertical or horizontal position as needed.

Install Jig

Affix a Tormek jig (sold separately) to the tool to be sharpened and connect to the Universal Support.


Connected to the Universal Support, the tool moves along the grinding wheel with precise pressure and position. Change the grit of the wheel for your needs with the included stone grader.


Add the included honing compound to the stropping wheel to polish and finish the edge of your tool.

A “Better than Factory Edge” at a budget-friendly price. That’s exactly what the Tormek T-4 water cooled sharpening system offers you. We’ve taken the same high quality and fantastic results that our 10” professional-grade T-7 delivers, and made it a little smaller, which perfectly fits many of our customers’ needs and budget. With this system, you get the sharpener, the 8” water-cooled grinding wheel, the leather stropping wheel (for honing and polishing your edge to 6000-plus grit.) The T-4 also comes with the WM-200 Angle Master, PA-70 Honing Compound, user’s manual, SP-650 Stone Grader for changing stone grit from 220 to 1000, Universal Support with micro adjust scale, and Tormek instructional DVD. Tormek also sells a host of jigs and attachments, meaning your entire garage and workshop can be sharpened. Knives, axes, scissors, chisels, plane irons, lathe turning tools, carving and gouging tools, wood turning tools, and almost any other kind of edged tool can be sharpened. It comes with a seven year warrantee, and we’ll bet you use it for decades to come. If you’ve been looking at a Tormek sharpening system but thought the T-7 might be a little more than your needs dictate, here’s your chance.

Product info:

Part NumberT-4
Item Weight22.3 pounds
Product Dimensions13 x 9 x 10 inches
Item model numberT4
Power Sourceac
Item Package Quantity1
Certificationcertified frustration-free
Batteries Included?No
Batteries Required?No

Latest reviews:

1.I love this thing!! I am retired Marine so I know about how keeping a edge is very important. This machine does it in seconds with accuracy and its fan-freaking-tastic! If all you need is something to sharpen a few knives then get the Lansky sharpner, its the best hand sharpening system. If you need to put a whole new edge angle on a knife and want to keep it razor sharp, then this is your guy. No sparks, no dust and the wheel turns slow so its not only easy to control you can do detailed work with it without it jumping all around. I love you can measure what angle you want on a knife. Most pocket knives are probably a 30-35 degree edge, pretty sharp but durable. I like 22.5 as I found its a good balance, although I need to touch it up more often to keep it cutting nice. I can do surgery with my knives though. I wish the honing leather gear was a bit bigger as its kinda a chore trying to maneuver a large knife in-between the two wheels, but it works. Love the water cooled, keeps the blade tempered and my hands unblistered. This is by far the longest review I’ve ever written and that is because this thing is awesome. I like how when you open the box one of the first things that is in it is a band aid. Very fitting considering what this thing can do. LOVE IT!!

2.Great Quality and super sharp blades. I had a Wicked Edge sharpener, which I think will give you a very sharp edge. However it takes such a long time on the Wicked Edge that its hard to get that sharp edge your looking for. The Tormek T4 allows you to get that edge much quicker and I love how the water keeps the metal cool so you don’t loose the hardness to metal.

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