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Grizzly T10010 10” Wet Grinder Kit

Product Name:Grizzly T10010ANV 10-Inch Wet Grinder Kit
Price range:From $149.99
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Sharpening just about any cutting tool to a razor sharp edge in no time at all. Made in Germany, this 90 RPM wet grinder with leather stropping wheel is so versatile and simple to use, you’ll wonder why you ever put up with dull edges before. The durable 2” wide grinding wheel runs in a water bath to keep tools cool while sharpening and the leather stropping wheel hones to a final razor edge. Start sharpening right out of the box, or add the optional accessories for even greater sharpening convenience. Ideal for wood turners, wood workers & knife makers. Includes polishing/honing paste.
220 grit grinding wheel is specially made for wet grinding
110 RPM wheel speed
Grinding wheel measures 10” diameter x 2” wide
Water bath keeps tools cool while sharpening
Leather stropping wheel measures 200mm diameter x 30mm wide
Includes polishing/honing paste
The Reviews
Here what people says about this tool:”I looked at the Tormek and just could not justify the $400 bite for the unit. Nothing else came close, until Grizzly came out with this unit. It runs smooth and does exactly what I want and need it to. It sharpens tools quickly and easily. I have not tried Tormek accessories, but I’ve heard that they will fit this unit…The other man said:”I have tried the Grizzly T10010 with several of the Tormek jigs and can attest that the Tormek square edge jig, trueing tool, long knife jig, and short knife jigs all fit and work on the Grizzly T10010.
Also It sharpens to a hair shaving razor sharp edge, but be warned that you have to dress the grinding wheel to get a flat edge out of the box and this unit doesn’t come with a truing tool.
The motor runs smooth and the unit is heavy enough so it doesn’t walk around on the bench when in use. It does tend to spit water everywhere when sharpening a blade that is wider than the stone so plan for water to drip around it.This is great equipment for the money no doubt.Best price what we can find online is on

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