Work Sharp WS2000 Review

Work Sharp WS2000 Review

workshark ws2000 tool sharpener Work Sharp WS2000 ReviewWork Sharp WS2000 sharpener and grinder is an easy-to-use dry sharpening and grinding system that makes it simple to maintain everything from precision carving tools to axes and lawnmower blades. WS2000 is the modern day solution to the bench grinder. Designed for the serious craftsperson as well as do it yourself, this sharpener and grinder even lets you sharpen contoured tools at home. And it’s compact enough to take with you to place where are the tools that need to be sharpen.

WS2000 is the grinding and sharpening solution for the home hobbyist and do it yourselfer who wants sharp tools quickly and easily.. Three ways to sharpen your tools: Top Side with Tool Rest, the Chisel and Plane Iron Port and the Edge-Vision Port. The WS2000 sharpens chisel and plane blades up to 1-5/8″ wide to a perfect 25° bevel angle without any set up time!. Work Sharp™ uses a powerful 1/5 HP motor and produces a max wheel speed of 1750 RPM. Work Sharp™ offers an active air cooled sharpening port with routed air flow and heat sink design to quickly sharpen your tools without overheating or damaging the steel.. This innovative, patent pending chisel sharpening method also uses a diamond lapping plate to remove the burr while you sharpen, making sharpening even faster! The WS2000 offers 2 Edge-Vision wheels (150mm) and uses both solid and slotted adhesive backed abrasives so you can quickly and easily change between coarse and fine grits.. Work Sharp™ is a quality tool and comes with a full 2 year warranty.


It certainly works for me- I’m a mediocre sharpener, it turns out, when I’m left to my own devices, or even to the devices many others are successful with. I have a Veritas MKII honing guide, and I can usually get a pretty decent edge with it and waterstones or sandpaper, but it isn’t trivially easy for me and can take a while. And I find freehanding difficult unless I have a very well-established bevel to start with. So far, it seems to me that the Worksharp will do most of the work of a grinder in getting that bevel. And I am relishing the prospects both of an easier time, and less of it spent on, flattening chisel backs; and of not having to flatten my waterstones. Perhaps more skilled sharpeners than me dish their stones less when they use them, and so have less flattening to to do, and then do that more effectively- but I always seemed to spend more time than was reasonable on this particularly mindless part of the process.

I use it with four grits (120, 400, 1000, 3600- I don’t have the 6000 grit micromesh disk) for straight blades; the 120 gets rid of metal in a hurry (I was actually quite shocked at what 2 seconds on the 120 did to the bevel of a vintage Buck Bros chisel I was sharpening) and the edge is pretty damn good after the 3600. Then I work bevel and back a little with some 0.5 micron diamond paste on a piece of MDF (Veritas green stuff works too, but it doesn’t feel as flat under the blade) to get a mirror polish. This portion of the regimen I do freehand, and it’s a piece of cake to do with the big flat bevel.

Conclusion is that this is great tool for sharpening how small blade tools and larger ones.However its not perfect but in right hand can have amazing results.Also great tool for sharpen lawn mower blades.

Best Price we can find: $99.95

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