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41GhTrPeYmL. AA300  Pocket Sharpening Tools

>Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener<

Pocket size Blade Sharpener with great potential.

The Reviews:

People said: This little gem is hands down THE BEST!Great  little Sharpener..Great product, and I would buy it even at twice the price…This is a great sharpener it makes knives super sharp but not quite razor sharp it is much better than Smith’s Abrasives 2 Step Knife Sharpener, that sharpener gets knives just as sharp as it has the same angles to the ceramic part of the sharpener; but that uses rods which get loose and end up rolling as you draw your knife through it and don’t sharpen your knife…The ceramic “stones” helped me refresh the straight edge on my everyday pocketknife, and the carbides successfully brought back the edge on an old knife I’d decimated a while back… The slots are simple to use, just apply some pressure and draw the blade through. The package has instructions printed on it…

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Technical Details

  • Pre-set carbides sharpen very dull edges quickly.
  • Specialy shaped ceramic slot to finish edges and sharpen serrated blades.
  • Tapered diamond rod for sharpening serrated and standard edges.
  • Very compact and lightweight.
  • Lanyard hole for carrying.


31MN9R42T2L. SL500 AA300  Pocket Sharpening Tools

>Wüsthof 2-Stage Knife Sharpener<

The Reviews

This sharpener works extremely well on all knives and is very easy to use.It does not require that you maintain a twenty degree angle -it does for you or similar staffwhen you sharpen you knives.That is one of big advantages compared to other knives sharpeners…    It doesn’t require oil or water,you just swipe the blade through a few times and that’s it…  I was on the verge of throwing away my blunt knives. Saw this on lightning deal and decided to try it out. I never expected it to be as easy to use. 3 or 4 runs through the slot and my knives were back to razor sharpness. I am now going to buy more of these as gifts for my friends and family.

I’m going to try to keep this simple.
This knife sharpener works great at Sharpening knives – its easy to use and created a great edge on all of my blades. It doesn’t require any skill or practice to use and is almost impossible to do wrong. Its not too ugly and fits nicely in a drawer – build quality seems more than adequate. Overall a very nice product.

Some of people complained that this sharpener not lasting long. After half year consistent using wheels on sharpener start to move and lost quality of sharpening.However this product has great reputation among its customers.

  • This product has 187 reviews and 173 of them are absolutely positive
  • Maybe the best simple and cheap product by Worhof’s
  • Great value invested /gained
  • Simple and easy to use

This product has our recomendation

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31HJ6PJRTDL. SL500 AA300  Pocket Sharpening Tools

>Fiskars 7861 Axe and Knife Sharpener<

The Reviews

A dedicated sharpening tool like the Fiskars will get the job done quickly and with minimum risk to one’s fingers. There are a number of similar products on the market. This one comes from a reputable manufacturer at a good price point…This is a handy tool that really simplifies sharpening. However, it has a few flaws.Pros:

-Very Easy

-Hand Guard

-Lifetime Guarantee…

One man said:I bought this unit to go along with my purchase of the Fiskars Wood Splitting Axe and it not only sharpened the ax well, I also used it to sharpen the kitchen knives. It has put a nice edge on everything I have sharpened with it. I saw some folks complain that it isn’t very durable and that they broke it right away. In my experience, if it is used properly, it should last a good, long, while.Other said:Works wonderfully on my splittin axe, scissors, and hunting knives HIGHEST RECOMENDATION GREAT PRODUCT!!!

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315y2BrwrCL. SL500 AA300  Pocket Sharpening Tools

>Wusthof 2899 2-Stage Pocket Knife Sharpener<

We will not spend much time to further review in this post to a description of the product are very simple. At the top of the post are the best and most wanted sharpening tools.Just click on title above and you can find descriptions,costumer reviews and every other information which you need.


41Qan7WrrpL. SL500 AA300  Pocket Sharpening Tools >Clauss Extremedge Knife Sharpener<

“Picture speaks thousand words” This is knives blade sharpener with

a strong suction cup on the bottom that firmly secures to a clean, flat surface.
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Blade sharpener for indoor and outdoor use.